6/15/10 Phillies @ Yankees

Hey everybody! Welcome to Here’s the Pitch. This blog is intended as a forum for all things baseball with a focus on the Yanks. Unlike some blogs, I’m not here pretending to be a neutral sportswriter, because I’m not. I’m a fan like most of you reading this blog, so I’ll be offering perspective from the view of a fan. I’ll do my best to write frequent updates about all things Yankees, hopefully I’ll do some liveblogging during some games, and perhaps (if you guys follow closely enough!) we’ll have some live chats as well.

So enjoy! Phils are in town tonight in a World Series rematch. Loving the CC vs. Doc matchup to kick off the series. Stay tuned for new posts coming up, and enjoy the game!

Update 7:59 Wow, life’s sweet when you’re destroying Roy Halladay in a Phillies uniform.

Update 8:05 Boy can Robby Cano hit. There’s a reason the guy is leading the majors in total bases thus far. Meanwhile, Yanks up 5-0 off Halladay with CC looking sharp on the mound (although he’s really gotta stop throwing up his pitching hand to grab ground balls. It’s a matter of time before that comes back to bite him injury-wise). 1st and 3rd for the Phils, nobody out in the fourth.

Update 8:14 Couple of seeing-eye singles and the Phils have it within 5-2, bases still loaded and nobody out. First inning CC’s been in any trouble at all.

Update 8:17 Not a very good sequence there. Botched a double play ball and let a run in, then let Ben Francisco take second without a throw. We’ll see if CC can work out of this without much more allowed, but it’s a ballgame again, 5-3. Second and third, one out.

Update 8:21 Strikeout, groundout, and Sabathia escapes with the lead. 5-3 Yanks. Tough inning, but Sabathia’s looked pretty sharp. 7 Ks, just one walk, and four hits (a couple cheap ones) through four innings. Looking a helluva lot better than Halladay. What happened to the pitcher’s duel?

Update 8:23 Going with the rapid update here, but how much do you love Cervelli throwing up his hands every time he takes a pitch? Never gets old.

Update 8:31 Geez, Utley just knows how to handle Sabathia. Remember his 3 HRs off him in 2 games last World Series? Well he’s 2-for-3 tonight.

Update 8:41 So after trading 3 spots, Doc and CC trade 0s. Now it’s about who can go the most innings until the bullpen takes over.

Update 8:43 Boy, that ball just kept on carrying. You can tell by the way Werth kept looking up. Snaked around the pole like it was Pesky’s. Yanks lead 6-3.

Update 8:55 How ’bout that. Brett Gardner Jorge Posada leads off the inning with a squibber for an infield hit. We’ll see if the bottom of the order can extend the lead here. Sabathia’s already up at 104 pitches, and it’s 6-3, bottom 6.

Update 9:01 Unrelated tidbit: I’m all for alternating lefties and righties in the order, but why would Charlie Manuel hit Utley 2nd and Polanco 3rd. Third hitter is ideally the best all around hitter on the team. Polanco? Maybe for the Royals.

Update 9:05 Granderson flies out to strand the bases loaded. Who would’ve guessed the Yanks to be 8-for-25 off Halladay through six?

Update 9:09 Forgot to mention, happy birthday to Andy Pettitte. One of my favorite Yanks of my lifetime. Pretty amazing that the 38-year-old has started the year at 8-1.

Update 9:10 Not a good inning at the plate for the Phils. Let CC throw a 1-2-3 inning on just nine pitches. My guess is he’ll stay in to face at least the lefty Howard to lead off the 8th.

Update 9:13 I don’t know how many of you are watching on TV, but that was a fantastic commercial by Avis. Remember the guy who said “I’m wicked psyched to be here. You guys ready to rent some cars?” (Boston accent). So they have the Avis headquarters, and the employees are doing the bleacher creature roll call for their coworkers. They go all around the room and get to that guy and just stare at him. Props to Avis.

Update 9:24 Second straight inning with the bases loaded and two outs. Here comes Charlie Manuel, and it’ll be a pitching change. Rookie David Herndon vs. Cervelli with a chance to bust this game wide open.

Update 9:27 First pitch swinging and a two-run single just under Castro’s glove. 8-3 feels like a helluva different game than 6-3. Six outs away. Beautiful play by Ibanez as I typed that. So it’s 8-3 as we head to the eighth.

Update 9:31 Robertson in for the eighth with the bigger lead. Makes sense to save CC’s bullets for another day.

Update 9:36 That’s just 2 runs allowed in Robertson’s last 12 innings dating back through May 7 at Boston. What a turnaround for him. It’s a shame his ERA seems to be permanently enormous.

Update 9:42 Jeter 0-for-3, but good to see 2 walks in his box score. He’s swung at 29.3% of balls out of the zone this year, almost 10% higher than his career average. Be interesting to see where that number is when the season ends. 1st and 2nd with nobody out for the Yanks here.

Update 9:50 Here comes Chan Ho Park for the bottom of the ninth, hopefully with no diarrhea. I truly hope you’ve seen the video of that interview.

Update 9:56 And there’s your ballgame. Whadya know about that, Here’s the Pitch is 1-0. They should really be paying me. Thanks for following tonight, guys. Plenty more to come soon.


7 responses to “6/15/10 Phillies @ Yankees

  1. I WANNA LIVE CHAT W/ the pinsk

  2. Teddy Bommarito


  3. mike pinsky is dreamy [deleted]

  4. A Wild Chen Appears!

    i’m lovin’ it!

  5. I doubt this is why Manuel did it, but statistically the best hitter should always hit second in the lineup.

  6. A Wild Chen Appears!

    damn fine job, mike!

    so much better than the LoHud, twitter, facespace, etc. updates from the so-called beat writers


  7. Thanks for all the support, guys! I’ll be back at you with more tomorrow. You guys keep reading, I’ll keep writing.

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