6/21/10 LIVEBLOG!

Alrighty fellas. Here’s the beginning of the live blog post. We’ve got the two MLB pitchers with the most wins since 2004 (104 for Santana; 100 for CC). Enjoy the game – I’ll be liveblogging you the whole game.

Update 1:15 Wright with a two out hit, and he swipes second. We’ll see if CC can get Davis.

Update 1:16 That was easy. CC gets IKKKKKKe swinginging, and we’ll go to the bottom of the first.

Update 1:24 1-2-3 for the Yanks. CC back to the hill.

Update 1:32 Nice inning for the big guy. Two Ks and it’s 1-2-3. Wonder how many zeroes CC and Santana will put up before we have a score…

Update 1:35 The baseball gods kept that one fair, and Ike picked it up and tagged the bag. That happened just the other day at YS on the first base line.

Update 1:38 Very, very odd shift on Cano predicting a pull. Strange because he really uses the whole field like nobody else in the game. Anyway, Santana hits him on the fathers day wrist band, and the Yanks have a baserunner.

Update 1:41 Base hit up the middle for Posada, and it’s first and second with one out. Who’s feeling RISPY?

Update 1:49 Well apparently not Granderson or Cervelli. But a real nice AB by Cervelli to make Santana sweat through 8 pitches. His pitch count is up at 40 already through two innings.

Update 1:56 1-2-3 for CC. Nuff said.

Update 2:00 Gardy just keeps hitting. Slash and run hitting. Fast runner on, nobody out for Jete.

Update 2:04 Bad no-call there. That was no 45 degree angle.

Update 2:06 No reason to throw there. Jeter safe with an infield single, and it’s first and second with nobody out. It’s time for the middle of the lineup to hit with RISP.

Update 2:07 Hey a major leaguer who can bunt! That was beautiful, and he makes the Mets fielders look pretty darn silly and confused. Bases loaded for Teix, A-Rod, and Cano. RISPY much?

Update 2:09 Teix drils a line drive home run to left. Grand slammer for Teix, and it’s 4-0 Yanks. Santana just isn’t the same pitcher he used to be. Still effective, but different. Average fastball velocity this year is down to 89.7 MPH, and his xFIP going into today was 4.71. It’s higher now. Meanwhile, nice play by Wright to get A-Rod.

Update 2:13 That’s the inning, but Yanks up 4-0, and 62 pitches for Johan through 3. Can’t help but remember last year at the stadium when Johan gave up 9 (!!) runs to the Yanks.

Update 2:18 Nicely turned on the 6-4-3 to erase Pagan. Boy, has Wright been silenced this series.

Update 2:20 IKKKKKe goes down swinging again. Love it. 10 pitch inning.

Update 2:26 Single, DP, groundout, and we’re through four. 4-0 good guys.

Update 2:31 Nice grab by Gardner at the wall with a runner on. One on, one out.

Update 2:35 Strikeout and a popup. CC cruising with 66 pitches through five.

Update 2:39 Went down to get that one, and Santana’s in some more trouble. Jeter’s on second with nobody out.

Update 2:50 And they waste the leadoff double. Strikeout, walk, popup, flyout. Santana’s at 93 pitches through five. It’s 4-zip Yanks.

Update 2:55 Double by Tejada and then Reyes scorched one to A-Rod. Nice play to retire him.

Update 2:57 Mets’ turn to strand a leadoff double. Just 76 pitches and 3 hits through six. CC’s dealing.

Update 3:06 Two out triple for Cervelli. Just missed his first homer as Pagan played it awkwardly against the wall. Third triple for Cervelli, as the Gazoo helmet flies off in his tracks.

Update 3:09 Gardner grounds out. Six in the books. 4-0 Yanks.

Update 3:18 Single, walk, strikeout, and it’s 1st and 2nd with one out. Replays showed the called strike three to be a good call.

Update 3:19 CC gets Tatis to wrap into a 5-4-3. 92 Pitches through seven.

Update 3:30 Groundout, flyout, strikeout, and it’s still 4-0 as we head to the top of the eighth. Nice inning for Mejia.

Update 3:36 1-2-3. What a game for CC. 8 innings, 100 pitches, 4 hits, 2 walks, 6 Ks. Oh and no runs. Just what the Yanks needed.

Update 3:39 All of a sudden the sky apparently opened, and the tarp is on the field. Not what I like to see. Probably means CC’s day is over.  I’ll keep you posted on the precipitation situation (say it out loud).

Update 3:59 Tarp’s off. game’s on. Time to wrap this one up.

Update 4:13 And there’s your ballgame. Yanks take the Mets 4-0 and win the series. It’s also the 9,500th franchise win. Holy cow.


3 responses to “6/21/10 LIVEBLOG!

  1. dude this is awesome. keep it up.

  2. I think you should start doing the pregame posts again

  3. hahaha not as long as they keep winning, corner.
    and thanks, sir hoag.

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