Teix, CC Beat Santana (4-0 Yanks)

Well that was fun.

60.5 Feet From the Mound

Johan Who?

Jete – Coupla hits, I’m not complaining.

Swish – 1-for-4. Fine for now.

Teix – Needless to say, a huge grand slam. He’s got 12 homers, 44 RBIs, and an OBP in the .340s. He’s on his way back (hopefully).

A-Rod – 0-fer, but hit a rocket at David Wright. Pulled him in the ninth, just a precautionary hip thing.

Cano – 0-fer (what?)

Posada – 2-for-4 and called out on a bad strike three call. Well done.

Granderson – 1-for-4.

Cervelli – 1-for-3 and he had some real quality ABs, fouling off a whole lot of Santanas pitches and helping get that pitch count up high early on.

Gardner – 1-for-3. Just keeps on rocking the slash and dash hitting.

Overall, it’s not fantastic, but I’ll take four runs and a whole lot of hits off Santana every time.

60.5 Feet Away from the Plate

Johan Who?

– Well CC obviously dominated. It’s getting to about that time of the year when CC enters beast mode, and it’s fun to watch. Mets were 0-for-10 with runners on base today. Eight innings, four hits, no runs, and six Ks. Beautiful stuff.

– A perfect ninth for Mo. Touched 92 a couple times. No complaints. Because he had a couple bad outings near each other, people are overlooking his season a bit, but he’s allowed all of three earned runs this season. He’s 40, and he’s got a 1.11 ERA. Wow.

Miscellaneous Mish-Mash

I'll pump my fist all I want.

– The Mets apparently complained about Cervelli pumping his fist. Jose Reyes says hi.

– Cervelli tripling makes me happy. He’s got three triples this year, and on two of them, the gazoo helmet was not on his head by the time he reached third.

– What exactly are the Mets thinking having Mejia up in the majors? He’s got fantastic stuff, and they’re wasting him with mopup duty in the ‘pen. Either give him better situations to pitch in or let him close in AAA. It’s silly.

– The big lefty has won four straight starts. Over that span: 29 IP, 21 hits, 8 runs, 28 Ks. Downright nasty.

– Rays lost today, so for just the third day of the entire season, the Yanks have sole possession of first place. As Chris Rock would say, “It’s a beautiful thing.”


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  1. Keisha Phillips

    thanks for putting the score!!

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