6/23/10 Yanks at D’Backs LIVEBLOG!

Hi all. Sorry for the lack of a pregame post, but it’ll be Vazquez vs. Dontrelle Willis. Cervelli’s getting the start, and hes hitting in front of Granderson and Gardner. Don’t quite get that. In any case, it’s time to win another series. Here’s the liveblog thread. GO YANKS!

Update 9:41 Four pitch walk to Jeter to open. D-Train is often erratic.

Update 9:44 Wild pitch, RBI single for Swish. 1-0 Yanks. Nice.

Update 9:50 Swisher picked off, Teix walked, A-Rod walked on four pitches. There’ve been about three that have gone to the backstop. Weird start. Although I like seeing the Yanks with such a good chance of winning the game (20 pitches, 15 balls so far), it’s worrisome seeing Willis so frustrated with himself considering he’s been DL’d with anxiety issues in the past.

Update 9:53 Willis strikes out Cano, and they throw out Teix stealing third. This is a weird game. If Willis weren’t pitching against the Yanks, I really would be rooting hard for him.

Update 10:00 What a weird start to the game. Now the D’Backs have answered with a four-pitch walk and a base hit. For Javy, 9 pitches, 7 balls. Weird.

Update 10:02 Base hit, but Kelly Johnson ran through the stop sign, and Teix ran right at him, and they got him in the rundown. Runners moved up as Cervelli was caught talking to the ump. Second and third with one out. Boy is this a bizarre game on the baserunning front.

Update 10:07 And a walk loads the bases for Chris Young with one out. Javy is all over the place. Can’t believe it’s only a 1-0 game.

Update 10:12 Young K’d. LaRoche got a base hit on a 3-2 count. 2 runs scored, but they got the runner going to third. Two outfield assists in an inning for Swish. Weird, weird, weird inning. 2-1 DB’s.

Update 10:15 Why is Cervelli bunting?! D-Train can’t throw a strike! Boy, the Yanks are really making the least of a good opportunity.

Update 10:42 Four walks for D-Train this inning, and it forces in a run. 2-2.

Update 10:43 And they take D-Train out of the game. I have to say, I find this incredibly sad to watch. Bases still loaded for Cano. One out. 2-2.

Update 10:45 You’ve gotta like the Yanks’ chances now. This D’Backs bullpen is absolutely horrendous. Worst in baseball. Easily. The Yanks get it for a whole lot of innings now. Meanwhile, Dontrelle appears to be having a hard time sitting in the dugout. What a crazy game.

Update 10:46 Cano grounds into a double play. Inning over. Oof. Big oof.

Update 10:51 7 pitch 1-2-3 inning for Javy. Time to go to work against the pen.

Update 11:00 Double by Granderson, second walk to Vazquez, but Jeter grounds out to end the inning. What else is new…

Update 11:11 Three hits to start the inning, and the D’Backs lead 4-2. How have the Yanks scored only two runs having drawn eight walks? Eight!

Update 11:27 Beautiful, beautiful play by Parra. Saves a couple runs and then doubles A-Rod off first. Poor baserunning tonight by the Yanks. 4-2 still.

Update 11:43 Double, single, SB, RBI groundout. 4-3, runner on 3rd. One out for Colin Curtis pinch hitting for Javy.

Update 11:44 Base hit off the glove of LaRoche, and it’s 4-4. Good for Curtis.

Update 12:18 Sorry for the lack of updates. Damaso Marte gave up a run, and it’s 5-4 D’Backs in the seventh. Here comes Dave Robertson.

Update 12:40 Yanks strand two in the eighth. 5-4 D’Backs to the bottom of the eighth.

Update 12:44 Joba is sitting 97-98. Wow. Wonder if he can maintain this over any stretch of time…Holy cow a 91 MPH slider got Upton swinging. Good stuff.

Update 12:54 Joba works out of a jam. Allowed a couple base runners, but he looked pretty darn good. Top of the order for the Yanks. Do they have a rally in their bones against the MLB’s worst pen? They’ve gotta do a better job against those guys.

Update 1:00 Leadoff walk by Jeter. Be a shame to lose after Dontrelle’s start.

Update 1:04 Heilman walks Swish. First and second, nobody out for Teix, A-Rod, and Cano. If they can’t get in the tying run it’ll really be a shame. Kevin Russo pinch running at first.

Update 1:06 Hard hit grounder by Teix to first. Runners move up, Teix is out. They’re pitching to A-Rod with first open and Cano on deck. This is exciting.

Update 1:07 A-Rod swings at the first pitch and…sac fly. Excellent job there of getting the job done. Two years ago he wouldn’t have. They’ll intentionally walk Cano to face Cervelli, who’s been dominant with two outs and RISP.

Update 1:10 Cervelli strikes out looking and doesn’t like the call. 5-5 into the bottom of the 9th.  This is a good game.

Update 1:12 They bring in Mo in a tie game. I wonder if Girardi could use him for two. Hasn’t really done it this season, but I bet he’d do it here. Double switch as Huffman enters the game in right.

Update 1:20 Mo gets ’em 1-2-3. Amazing that his velocity has increased this season. He hit 94. That’s also 24 consecutive batters set down by Mo, a career record. ERA down to 1.07. Dealing. Time for some extra inning baseball. This could be a big win or a brutal loss. Yanks 3-for-12 with RISP, D’Backs are 3-for-6. That makes me uncomfortable.

Update 1:23 Huge, huge homer by Curtis Granderson and it’s 6-5 Yanks.

Update 1:32 Gardner with a chop and a successful slide into first, and Huffman works a walk after Gardy stole. First and second, still nobody out. Not sure if they’re going to pinch hit for Mo or not.

Update 1:34 Jeter grounds into a DP, and Mo is hitting. Hold your breath.

Update 1:35 Yanks bench loves Mo at the plate. All smiling. Anyway, he grounds out, and he’ll go out to finish off the tenth. Let’s go, Yanks.

Update 1:39 Drew singles, and it’s 3-4-5 for the D’Backs. Upton rockets one to the left field corner. 2nd and 3rd and nobody out. Good job by Gardner to get it in. This really would be a rough loss.

Update 1:42 Montero intentionally walked, and the bases are loaded.

Update 1:43 Cervelli makes a nice catch on the pop behind the plate. One down. I can’t help but update out by out here. This is baseball theater.

Update 1:45 Pop to A-Rod. Boy is that cutter good. Really good. One more out.

Update 1:47 Mo gets him swinging, and Cervelli goes nuts behind the plate. Now that was a great fist pump. Mo barely reacted at all.

What an unbelievable game. Best in the history of HTP. Thanks for staying up and reading. It’s now time for bed, Yankee fans on the east coast. Back at ya tomorrow.


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