Here’s What I Have to Say About That

Well for those of you following the world cup, I’m sorry. That was the first match I watched all the way through, and it was pretty darn painful. Nice effort by the USA in the second half, but they fell a little short in the end. So many missed opportunities, so much stalling by Ghana, but hey, what can you do?

So much for that...

And here’s what I have to say about that: The USA does not play soccer. We play baseball. So go make yourself a chocolate milk, put away your stuffed animals, and turn on the Yankee game in two hours. I don’t think I’ll be able to live blog this one, but it should be a fun game, and with the World Cup put aside for a little while, it’s time to root for the team with the most championships ever in professional sports. GO YANKS.


3 responses to “Here’s What I Have to Say About That

  1. Just for that, I’m taking a self-imposed three-day break from HTP.

    That is…during the All-star Break.

  2. Keisha Phillps

    Good thing you didn’t waste your time live blogging that one. Another terrible (and rather short) performance by Burnett. That 11.35 ERA frankly doesn’t look too out of place next to his name…

  3. Hahahah to both comments.

    Yeah, that was an ugly one. I fully expected Burnett to do that. Oh well. He’s in Bad A.J. mode right now; he’ll bounce back. We’ll win tomorrow.

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