LINKS Galore

Cool stuff floating around the interwebs this morning, so I figured I’d share:

What a cool cover.

– Did you know Mariano Rivera cried before arguably his greatest ever appearance in Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS? The New York Times has a great piece on Rivera. Worth the read.

– Ever seen three triples by one guy in a game? Ever seen the first baseman field a ball off the right field wall? See both in this video.

– Via MLB, Gardner is feeling “a lot better.” They’ll take it day-to-day, but he can pretty much pinch run now.

– River Ave. Blues has a pretty interesting picture of what can happen when you talk on your cell phone at a baseball game.

I can’t live blog the game tonight, but it’ll be Javy vs. King Felix. Not too happy that we have to face Lee and Hernandez, but we’ll just have to beat him. I’d hate to lose a series to the Mariners. Time to start rolling over weak teams. Enjoy, and GO YANKS.


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