7/5/10 Yanks @ A’s LIVEBLOG!

Girardi Listened! A little while ago, I suggested that Girardi try Gardner at leadoff and Jeter in the second hole. Lo and behold, my calls have been answered (although he says it’s temporary – we’ll see about that)! Here’s why it makes sense: Gardner takes something like 4.5 pitches per plate appearance, the most on the Yankees. He’s also (obviously) a perfect leadoff hitter because of his .319 average and extraordinary speed. Jeter’s a career second hitter, and his patented inside out swing works well there. I like the move. We’ll see if it works tonight. I’ll be liveblogging for a bit!

Update 10:20 Three up, three down for both sides to open the game. 2 Ks for Vazquez, as he’s looking to bounce back from a rough outing.

Update 10:23 Very nice play by Coco Crisp to take away extra bases from Cano whose minislump continues.

Update 10:27 Swish doubles, and Granderson hits a two-out RBI triple. Yanks up 1-0.

Update 10:28 Cervelli with another 2-out RBI hit. That one was right back up the middle, and the Yanks are up 2-0. Feeling RISPy?

Update 11:00 Triple for Pennington, sac fly for Crisp, and it’s 2-1.

Update 11:19 Game has gotten pretty quiet. It’s a good thing Vazquez has performed well and avoided another big slide. 2-1 Yanks midway through.


2 responses to “7/5/10 Yanks @ A’s LIVEBLOG!

  1. A Wild Chen Appears!

    If Coco Crisp (cookiest name in baseball) singles home a run with a man on second, can i say he’s feeling cRISPy?

  2. Hah. Yes, you would be allowed to say that.

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