NY Yanks @ S Mariners 6/10/10

Swisher – DH
Curtis – RF
Cervelli – C
Pena – SS

Boy, that’s a C-squad if I’ve ever seen one. I guess the 7-game winning streak could come to an end tonight against King Felix, but I’m not giving up.

Swish to Swing

Nick Swisher, believe it or not, is participating in the home run derby. Before he agreed, he got the go-ahead from Kevin Long, Joe Girardi, and Brian Cashman. Needless to say, he’s ecstatic.

3D Yankees!

Today is the first Yankee game that will ever be broadcast in 3D. I have no idea what exactly YES is planning on doing or what the whole thing will look like, but I can almost guarantee it will be very cool. I hope I get to see what it looks like sometime soon (that’s a hint for all you out there with 3D TVs).

The Pitchers

It’ll be Javy vs. King Felix. Let’s hope it’s not a repeat of the last time Felix threw against the Yanks (which, by the way, feels like it was only about a week ago…oh wait…).

Enjoy, and GO YANKS!


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