A-Rod Youngest to 600 Homers

Finally. What a milestone. Steroids or no steroids, clutch or unclutch, it’s one unbelievable feat. Just a few days after his birthday, on the exact same day as his 500th homer three years ago, A-Rod connected for his 600th, becoming the youngest player in the history of a game that goes back 150 years to hit 600 home runs.

Here’s the video, and here’s a picture of the ball.

I must say, as happy as I am that Alex hit #600 for the sake of reaching the milestone, I’m perhaps even happier to think that doing so might end his prolonged slump. When a hitter in the middle of the order goes on such a cold streak, the team suffers (see also: Mark Teixeira), and you’ve gotta think that taking this monkey off his back will do him some good.

More About the Game:

Hughes was pretty darn good. Not all that efficient (5.1 innings, 99 pitches), but it was just good to see him back on track. I like the five strikeouts, and you take the one run every time. I am still interested to see what Hughes does from here on out, because it was around now that Joba was driving everyone nuts as he went from a pretty good starter to an unreliable one. So seeing Hughes’s performance is encouraging.

Nice job from the bullpen today. 3.2 innings of one-hit baseball is about all you can ask. Everyone knows of the bullpen’s struggles this year, but if that weakness can turn into a strength, it really will help the team a lot.

The Yankees’ offense was a combined 10-for-32 today, capped off by Jeter’s 4-for-4 day. Not too shabby.

Okay, that’s all for today. Enjoy the night off, and CONGRATULATIONS TO A-ROD.


One response to “A-Rod Youngest to 600 Homers

  1. Hey Mike! Love the blog! What are the chances A-Rod gets the all time HR record!?

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