Beckett Stomps Out Yanks

The element...of SURPRISE!

Well that’s one of the ones you want to forget. Those kinds of games are going to happen over the course of the season – it’s inevitable – but they sting a bit, don’t they?

The offense was brutal, but that was really more because of Beckett than because of the Yanks. The Yankees didn’t muster a single base runner after a fourth inning single by Cano off Beckett, who allowed just two hits and struck out ten over eight innings. He walked just one and surrendered zero runs.

It really was vintage Beckett, coming in with a poor recent track record against the Yanks, and hurling a fastball that sat 93-94 the entire night for more than 100 pitches.

On to Sabathia. The poor guy can’t catch a break. He’s thrown two sparkling games and one decent one, and he’s 0-1 on the season. That’ll fix itself soon enough, but it always makes me antsy when those sort of things happen early in the season.

Joba got a big out in the sixth, but he had a bit of a meltdown in the seventh, allowing Boston to tack on some big insurance runs that really made the game feel out of reach. I’m not concerned about the bullpen in the long run, but these guys need to step it up right now. Also, I think it goes without saying that it’s silly for Girardi to be using a guy like Rafael Soriano as strictly an eighth-inning-when-we’re-winning man. Use him when there’s a jam. Bring him in to bail out Joba when the game is still in reach. If it’s a 4-0 game, he’s not going to get in anyway.

Today is a much needed off day for the Yanks. It should give the hitters some time to distance themselves from a putrid game last night, and they can regroup as they return to New York to kick off a new homestand against the Orioles. The Yanks play a startling number of their home games at the front end of this season, with a much tougher schedule in August and especially September. It’s unfair, but that’s the roll of the dice, so the Yanks need to capitalize on these homestands. Look for them to take 2 of 3 from the O-Birds.

Enjoy the day off. Back at you later or tomorrow.


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