Overused Martin to Rest

What about me?

It’s funny that the battle over the backup catcher spot was such a big debate in spring training. Why? Because Gustavo Molina, whose name you’ve probably forgotten by now, won the spot, but has not played a single inning this season. Russ Martin has caught every inning of all 12 games the Yanks have played, and Molina is the last player in the MLB to have been active all year long but not to have made his season debut.

Today, that debut will come, and thank goodness. Martin has indeed been fantastic, and he’s been hard to sit down on the bench because of that, but overuse of players is a serious issue, and Martin isn’t just a player – he’s a catcher with significant injury history.

It’s silly that this is the first game he’ll sit out. He’s never even been brought out late in a game with the Yanks leading or trailing by a lot. The Yanks sort of won a house-money gamble with Martin this winter, and he can be a big part of this franchise, whether as a starting catcher or tradebait for a pitcher if he and Montero are both raking come June.

Anyway, today is finally a day off for Martin, as Molina and Freddy Garcia will both make their first starts of the season. Game time is 1:05 PM. Enjoy, and GO YANKS!


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