Two Tough Losses

Sorry for the lack of blog activity the last couple days. I’ve been a bit busy, and I was at a heartbreaker of a game tonight.

Some brief thoughts:
– The eighth inning should no longer belong to Soriano. He’s not pitching well, simply put.
– This is, of course, pending his next start, but I wouldn’t pull Nova from the rotation in favor of Millwood. I really just don’t think Millwood brings much to the table, and Nova showed tonight why he won that rotation spot. He’s not going to be brilliant, but he can be a solid #5 guy.
– Two really nice plays by Eric Chavez tonight. He’s really been a stalwart off the bench for us.
– How ’bout that Buddy Carlyle? He’s done nothing but impress since he came up. Good for him.
– Overall, it doesn’t bother me as much when we lose games because of offense and bullpen if our starter did well. We know those trends aren’t likely to continue – it’s merely one of those frustrating stretches you have to ride out.
– You’ve gotta take your hat off to Brent Lillibridge. He did make two pretty nice plays (especially the second one) to end that game tonight. Thought they’d both be hits off the bat. That’s life.

I’ll try to get back at you tomorrow and start to ramp up the blogging soon. Thanks for your patience.


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