Blog Special: The Steak Sandwich

It actually tastes better than it looks.

When the new Yankee Stadium opened its doors two years ago, one of the only things that fans weren’t groaning about was the improved food selection. With pasta, sushi, and salads to choose from, what would be the best new option?

I’m here to end that debate. I’m a traditionalist, and I generally stick to hot dogs and cracker jacks when I go to games, but two nights ago, I gave in and bought a $15 Lobel’s steak sandwich. It’s pricey, it’s elitist, it’s in a hidden corner of the ballpark, and it’s delicious.

They definitely give you your money’s worth (as far as stadium food goes). The Lobel’s workers take out a surprisingly sweet bun-type thing and pile on juicy Lobel’s steak strips. Then they douse the sandwich in gravy that the steak strips have been resting in. The steak is surprisingly easy to chew, so you don’t have to worry about making TOO big of a mess in the confines of a stadium seat, and the sandwich is very tasty.

Yes, it’s too expensive, but if you’re at Yankee Stadium, just realize that you’ve already been ripped off and give the sandwich a $15 try. You won’t regret it.


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