An Early Look at the Standings


The Yankees have played 27 games, exactly a sixth of the season (how bout that Math, eh?), and regardless of their imperfect play, they sit nicely atop the AL East with 17 wins. Though the division’s other teams do not have great winning percentages thus far, since it’s only 27 games, the team furthest away is Toronto at a mere five games back.

So what do the standings really mean? You may hear the phrase, “It’s only May.” To which someone may reply, “Games in May count just as much as games in September.” These are both true statements. The issue is sustaining a lead. It’s extremely rare for a team to sit in first place for the entire season, and we all know the Yanks will have to make pitching moves in order to remain a first-place team in the AL East.

But I’ll tell you, having watched a lot of recent Yankee teams stumble out of the gate to a 10-15 record or so, it’s nice to see these guys in first, especially since they were seen as such underdogs to the Sawx coming in.¬†There is no doubt that the Yankees will need to acquire another arm or two, but for now, I’m content. Game Three of the Tigers series tonight. Just win series, baby. Just win series.


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