CC Takes the Mound Needing a W

The Yanks have lost four of five. Last night was a tough one that saw the Yankees come back from a 5-0 deficit to tie it, but Boone Logan was ineffective against a sequence of lefty hitter, and the Yanks dropped it 7-5. Why Boone Logan is still on this team continues to puzzle me. I’d take an effective righty over an ineffective lefty any day of the week and twice on Sundays. Logan has been a good lefty specialist for all of about two months last year – the rest is pretty gross looking.

The Rangers scratched Alexi Ogando today with a blister, and that’s good news for the Yanks, who will instead face Dave Bush. It’s time to start winning Sabathia’s games. Shouldn’t be too hard against Bush, although we all know what happens when the Yanks face mediocre pitchers.

A side note: I like that Girardi’s putting Granderson in the two-hole even against lefties. The guy is leading the league in homers off lefties, and he’s really been red-hot since last August or so. The numbers back it up. Only Jose Bautista has more homers than Granderson in all of the MLB since Granderson made the change to his swing with K-Long.

Anyway, that’s my short rant on the state of the ‘stripes. Just win today. Nobody likes to lose five of six. GO YANKS.


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